Explore & Learn

While COVID-19 has disrupted the travel and tourism sector, the Samoa Tourism Authority is looking forward to welcoming visitors back to the islands once again. Travel trade familiarisation trips, which ordinarily take place several times throughout the year, will be an important part of our strategy to encourage travellers to return to Samoa.

Through our travel trade familiarisation programme, we aim to show you exactly what the Samoan experience will be like for your customers. During your time here, you will be invited to learn about and get involved in our ancient culture, as well as have the chance to experience some of the best sights and activities that will excite and inspire every type of customer.


Our travel trade familiarisation trips usually take place during the offseason, which means your trip to Samoa is likely to be scheduled between October and April. The Samoa Tourism Authority works in close collaboration with the tourism industry to ensure all our travel trade partners have the chance to find out everything they need to know about the destination through high quality and well supported first-hand experiences.

To make your familiarisation as easy and seamless as possible, your flights (including domestic routes), accommodation and breakfast, transfers/transport, entry fees to attraction sites, and travel costs to Savai’i Island will be covered. During your time here, you will be hosted by Samoa Tourism’s locally based marketing staff who will ensure you have everything you need to get the most out of your familiarisation; they will also accompany you around the island for inspections and site visits.